10 Effective Tips To Pass The Exam Without Studying Hard

Do you want to get tips to pass the exam? Do you have upcoming exams that are important for you? No worry, on this topic I will share with you my personal tips about how to pass the exam without studying hard and a step by step guide to get good marks without studying late at night.

The study is the main part of our life and if you are not good at the study you might be missing a great opportunity to build future but by following the given tips you will be able to improve your marks in exams and you will also get the tips and methods on how to study effectively at home without joining and tuition centre.

Effective Tips To Pass The Exam

Studying for late-night be cause problems for your health and I don’t recommend studying for the long night even if you are poor at studying but you need to have some solid tips and smart work for studying effectively.

When a student steps up in a room for studying he can’t make full focus in study and he wastes his time without studying for a long time so in this guide, you will get My personal tips that I used to get good marks and pass my exam.

Make A Study Plan

Have you ever worked without making a plan? Did you get success in that? I know without having the proper plan we can’t win any match strategy that comes first.

So you must have a study plan that which factor and subject you should study first and which subject needs more attention if you are preparing for exams you should write down your that you are poor or average.

When you work on your study plan, you can instantly work on that and build a proper study plan to follow then you will have the path and way to prepare for those subjects in which you can perform well.

Find Your Study Weaknesses

Without knowing your weak points how can you fix them? This should be your first step to finding your weakness in which subject you need more attention and what subject wants more attention of yours and when you will find that subject, you can surely put your 90% in that.

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If you want to find out your weakness just open your notebook and write down your all subjects and write the marks you got in every subject you can easily identify which subject needs attention.

Make Intelligent Friends

Friends play the important role in school time and when I was in school I always make intelligent friends who are expert in a particular subject because I knew that a good friend can help me with any problem.

When you make intelligent friends in school they help you in many ways to improve your studying efficiency and also tell you some tips to improve your marks.

That’s why I prefer to make intelligent friends in school if you want to get good marks in exams and don’t want to do hard study.

Keep In Touch With Teachers

Teachers helped me a lot when I was in school and I was the favourite student of my teachers that is why they always happy to help me and if you also want to become a favourite student of your teachers, you have to perform some tasks.

  • Be in school at the right time
  • Never argue with your teachers
  • Ask every question when you need
  • Complete their school work
  • Always listen to them carefully
  • Pay attention while studying in their sessions

You can also request them to make a student group on Whatsapp and then you can ask your queries anytime; they will surely reply to your problems.

Follow Your Study Time Table

When you have a study plan and the right target subject you need to follow your study time table because without having the study time table you cannot get higher marks in exams; that is why you need to follow your study time table.

You can get a more detail guide on the study on edujagran.com.

Do Practice 

Practice makes a man perfect and if you do practice, you will learn everything important for you so you should practice a lot if you want higher marks in the board exam.

You can practice smartly means you should make a study time table and put your hard subjects first then you can study those subjects after learning and practising for a long time you should take some breaks.

Then again you can start studying for 2 to 3 hours while taking breaks when you follow this routine you will never feel bored.

FaQ On How To Get Higher Marks In Exams

Q1: Should I Do Study For Long Night?

Ans: It depends on your learning efficiency that how much you can recover and then you can decide what to do.

Q2: Can I Pass The Exams Without Studying Hard?

Ans: Yes you can pass the exams without studying hard but in order to get the first position in exams you might need to do a lot of practice.

Final Thoughts

These tips and methods will save you a lot of time and you can do smart study and improve your study skills so if you follow these tips you will surely see improvement in your exams.

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