10 Proven Methods To Optimize A WordPress Blog In 2020

Do you want to optimize your WordPress blog? We are here to give you short but unique tips to improve a WordPress website in search ranking and speed because optimization is the most crucial factor in SEO and if you do not have the right plans and knowledge then you cannot rank your website in search results.

Everyone in the SEO community knows and understand the importance of great content in order to achieve high rankings. Blogs are the best place to let the creative juices flow and convey your thoughts using a large amount of decent content. 

Best Methods To Optimize A WordPress Blog

When you are using a WordPress blog, there are a few tips that might come handy if you want to boost up your blog, I have mentioned some useful tips to optimize a wordpress blog in 2020 and before starting this topic, you should have a beginner level in blogging field if you want to implement this methods you need to have knowledge about SEO.

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Beware Of Duplicate Content

  • Do not scatter your SEO effort; be careful not to reference the same item under multiple URLs. To do this: Choose to register your site with or without www in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Indicate each page’s URL to prevent it from being referenced without parameters.
  • For WordPress, this option is available with the plug-in “All In One SEO”.

Optimize The Content For SEO

Optimize the content of your blog for search engines, using keywords in your articles and highlighting them. To do this, insert them into titles using the appropriate HTML tags <h1></ h1>, <h2></ h2>etc and put them in bold text using HTML tags <strong></ strong>.

If some of the content has to do with another one of your articles, transform keywords related to this article into hyperlinks. When you insert an image, use the alt tag to describe the image by inserting keywords.

Comments And Trackbacks

Leave comments on other blogs indicating the URL of your blog, this will gain you a few visits. People will find out about your blog, and it will be useful for your blogs SEO, so long as the site on which you post a comment does not use the no-follow attribute. To find out, you can take a look at the source code.

To do this faster, you may use the plug-in Search Status from Firefox that allows you to highlight the links with a no-follow attribute. To manage no-follow attributes on the comments of your own blog, there are many plug-ins for WordPress.

Try “Comment Link Manager”, because it allows you to remove the no-follow names of the authors. When citing articles from other blogs, make sure you send trackbacks (or trackbacks).

Cut Down An RSS

If your articles published in full, in your RSS feeds, there is a good chance that your subscribers may read it in full in their aggregator. This means traffic is lost to you. Just keep the link in your RSS feed and a summary of this week’s blog. Do not give the article in full or a sample/excerpt.

Make A Sitemap

Create a sitemap to tell Google which pages are essential, and which should not be omitted. If you choose not to reference a category then skipping it from a sitemap may help. Do remember, however, that Google is good at indexing WordPress blogs on its own.

A sitemap is not essential for small websites as google said because sitemap contains the largest piece of page sources which help crawler to index big websites but still, you can create a sitemap for fast indexing.

URL Rewriting

A wrong URL structure cannot give you a higher ranking in Google SERP even your website can disappear in search results without having a proper URL structure so you should take it seriously and always use short URL for better ranking in google.

optimize a wordpress blog
                                                              Optimize a wordpress blog

Make sure the URL of your articles is rewritten to include the keywords that you have chosen. If WordPress powers your blog, visit your admin, Settings / Permalinks and choose “date and title”, “month and security” or “custom structure” specifying “/% postname%” for example.

Meta Tags

Optimize the title tag and description tag of your home page, and each of your articles, by inserting tags. To access WordPress, you can install the plug-in All-In-One-SEO, Yoast plugin, Rank Math Plugin which are helpful to index meta tags and insert them into your blog post. 

A Meta tag helps to rank better in google if you have not seen news websites then you should check those websites which are only ranking for meta tags and in 2020 meta tags are still important for better ranking. Yet, most people lie with newbie bloggers that meta tags make duplicate content which is not real but you should have knowledge about how to implement meta tags without making the same content by them.

Post Often And Relay Articles

Relaying your articles on Digg, Stumbleupon, OverBlog, Facebook, Twitter, etc., will allow you to make your blog known. It will also help you to create inbound links and bring you traffic. If your articles like the Digg, users will vote for them and improve your visibility.

Do not hesitate to ask your friends to vote for you, in the beginning, to help you get started. You can become “friends” with other bloggers on these and Digg will weave links into your SM, which will provide some regular votes.

Digg can bring a lot of traffic, but it only lasts a short time. There is no secret–what is most important and needed in order to attract visitors is to provide original content, interesting articles, and post often.

Related Articles

Make a list of items related to your post the end of each of your articles to encourage your readers to read a second article on your blog and increase the number of page views, increase the time spent on the site and reduce bounce rates.

Google considers these indicators to determine the relevancy of a search result. There are many WordPress plug-ins which automatically add a list of related items.

Subscribing To RSS Feed

Highlight your blog with a link to subscribe to your RSS feed. When a visitor commented one of your articles, you can send a page that indicates that the comment has been saved, and invites them to subscribe to your RSS feed. If your WordPress does not have this function, it can be found online.

All in all, it’s great that you have a gift of creative writing and you know a thing or two about good copywriting. It wouldn’t hurt to toss in a few SEO techniques as well to reap the benefits of an excellent copy+SEO combination. Write good content and then use proper means to promote and make sure that good content reaches to the eyes of the targeted readers.

Final Words

We tried to put all information in this topic about optimizing a WordPress blog for better ranking, but if you think that there are other things which are not mentioned here, then you can tell us via the comment section because SEO is enormous and there are many other things which are not covered yet.

If this topic is helpful for your blog and helps to optimize your blog for higher ranking then also share with your friends who are looking for good knowledge related to blogging and ranking.

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