6 Most Funny Books To Read In 2021- All Time Best

Who does not want to read funny books? Everyone’s need to have a happy time and books can help live a happy life in a busy life. Many people watch funny movies and those movies have their novels stories as well so if you are a lover of reading books, you can read these funny books once in your life.

So let’s start to read about the funniest books that you will surely love to read and can easily pass your spare time as well as you will get rid of boring feelings.

A Confederacy of Dunces

This adventure and the funny novel was written by an American novelist name John Kennedy Toole and was first published in 1980 and after some years this novel won many awards.

In this book, you will read about a 30 years old man living with his mother and went on an adventure where he faces many new things there still there are many things that you will read in this novel.

This book is available on amazon and kindle store but still, you can watch the series of this novel on tv and online.

I Feel Bad About My Neck By Nora Ephron

One of the best and funniest books that I have ever read in my life. In this book, Nora Ephron does not live her neck and she always tries to become a young lady who is rich and she always takes care of his house and family and wants things in perfect shape.

It is best to book to laugh at yourself and be a happy person with little nonsense stuff that you will surely love while reading this book and this book is available on amazon and kindle store.


This book was written by Tina Fey and was first published in 2013. This book is related to a biography that a woman named tina fey saw a dream to become a Canadian on tv shows and this dream come true at this young age.

All her problems and funny moments that she faced are written in this funny book that you will surely love and entertain. You can also watch her series online if you don’t want to read this book.

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But you will surely love the funny and biography story written in this book and this book is available on amazon and kindle store as well.

Lucky Jim By Kingsley Amis

If you want to read a whole funny story with the funniest description, you might need to have a Lucky Jim book. Kingsley Amis has a great mind and point of view that he showed in this book.

With his sense of humour, he got a job in university but he does not like job and university, a world that he has fallen into. But he had to do both jobs so everything is made very funny in this book.

This book is available on amazon and kindle store as well you can also watch its series on Netflix.

White Teeth By Zadie Smith

The book is written in British literature named “White Teeth” in which two boys become true friends during the second world war. They have many confusion about life, a world that they always ask “who they are” Why They are here” etc.

This book shows the friendship of two friends, family, funniest moments and everything for a short time that you will see in this novel and it’s a funny story that relates to many lives.

This book is available on amazon and kindle store.

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The Wangs Vs The World

Charles Wangs has written the wangs vs the world book. In this book, you will read the road trip with three teenagers where all the situations go with funny talks, issues and problems that you will read.

The road trip turns into a roots trip and they went to China and is a funny but rich novel that makes you laugh and make you understand the adventure of this family.

This book is also available on amazon and kindle store where you can buy.

FaQ On Best Funny Books To Read

Q1: Are These Novels Have Movie Series?

Ans: Yes, You can also watch a series of these books available on online tv shows.

Q2: Are These Books Cheap In Rate?

Ans: All books are cheap at a rate under 10 dollars and you can find and buy them from amazon or the bookshop website.

Final Words

These are the best funny novels that you can read in your spare time and if you wish to buy these books you can buy them from amazon and kindle store in pdf form.

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