60+ Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts Keys For Working Rapidly

60+ Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows operating system at our blog , nowadays we all are used Notepad++ for different purpose rather than only notepad old version. Notepad helps us a lot but notepad++ give us a lot of new features which help us more with new and useful features.

By using notepad ++keyboard shortcuts we can write any document which is needed to save for next time use. The most important things are of Notepad++ that is we can write HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and so on very easily and in Notepad plus we can easily find out any error and also can easily solve them.

Notepad++ has a lot of keyboard shortcuts, if we memories these shortcut keys then it will be more helpful to do work with it and it will help us to complete our work rapidly or timely especially when we Markup an HTML and CSS Code and form this concern.

Today I will provide all of the shortcut keys of notepad++ and hope these will be helpful for everyone. If you want to memories all these keyboard shortcuts keys, then you should read our keyboard shortcut related post. 

Our another important post which is related to the all keyboard functions keys that means what are the main works of F1 through F12 in our keyboard.

Importance Of Shortcut Keyboard Keys

  1. You can work fast by using these shortcut keys on your computer.
  2. Keys will improve your working performance and less of your time.
  3. Computer keyboard shortcut keys help you to work fast and complete on time without doing any time-consuming method. 
  4. These shortcut keys also help to improve your typing speed and reduce the load for a large piece of work.
  5. Shortcut keys can solve your a lot of problems and when you become an expert in these keys you can quickly do any work within minutes. 

60 + Notepad++ keyboard shortcut keys

1. Ctrl-O = Open File / File Opening

2. Ctrl-N = New File / Open a new file

3. Ctrl-S = Save File / file will be saved

4. Ctrl-Alt-S = Save As / extension changes will be saved

5. Ctrl-Shift-S = Save All / All files are saved together

6. Ctrl-P = Print / print the file

7. Alt-F4 = Exit / closed.

8. Ctrl-Tab = Next Document / Next Document – go

9. Ctrl-Shift-Tab = Previous Document / previous document – go

10. Ctrl-W = Close Current Document / are working on the document.

11. Ctrl-C = Copy / Copy

12. Ctrl-Insert = Copy / Copy

13. Ctrl-Shift-T = Copy current line to clipboard

14. Ctrl-X = Cut / Cut

15. Shift-Delete = Cut / Cut

16. Ctrl-V = Paste / paste

17. Shift-Insert = Paste / paste

18. Ctrl-Z = Undo / go back to the previous state.

19. Alt-Backspace = Undo / go back to the previous state.

20. Ctrl-Y = Redo / from the state to the next state.

21. Ctrl-A = Select All / all of the selected line

22. Alt-Shift-Arrow keys, or Alt + Left mouse click = Column Mode Select / Mode Select Columns

23. ALT-C = Column Editor / column to be edited

24. Ctrl-D = Duplicate Current Line / The working line, the line will be duplicated.

25. Ctrl-T = Switch the current line position with the previous line position

26. Ctrl-Shift-Up = Move Current Line Up / current top of the line taken.

27. Ctrl-Shift-Down = Move Current Line Down / Current lines were down.

28. Ctrl-L = Delete Current Line / Current Line will be deleted.

29. Ctrl-I = Split Lines/line-out will be split into two

30. Ctrl-J = Join Lines/line joined in

31. Ctrl-G = Launch Go To Line Dialog / Go To Line dialogue Lunch will be

32. Ctrl-Q = Block comment / uncomment / comment, and that is not part of the side of the block

33. Ctrl-Shift-Q = Stream comment / post to be launched

34. Tab (selection of one or more full lines) = Insert Tabulation or Space (Indent) / Code not indent

35. Shift-Tab (selection of one or more full lines) = Remove Tabulation or Space (outdent) / code indent to be removed.

36. Ctrl-Backspace = Delete to start of word/opening word to be deleted

37. Ctrl-Delete = Delete to end of a word / delete the last word

38. Ctrl-Shift-Backspace = Delete to start of line / The Starting Line Stitch will be deleted

39. Ctrl-Shift-Delete = Delete to end of line/end of the line to be deleted

40. Ctrl-U = Convert to lower case / lower case text to be turned into

41. Ctrl-Shift-U = Convert to UPPER CASE/writing into the capital.

42. Ctrl-B = Go to matching brace / go to the same bracket

43. Ctrl-F = Launch Find Dialog / Window open to any search for

44. Ctrl-H = Launch Find / Replace Dialog / where let’s go there

45. F3 = Find Next / The next part of the search

46. Shift-F3 = Find Previous / before checking in.

47. Ctrl-Shift-F = Find in Files / File Searching

48. Ctrl-F2 = Toggle Bookmark/line of the first signs of

49. F2 = Go To Next Bookmark /

50. Shift-F2 = Go To the Previous Bookmark

51. Ctrl-Alt-F = Collapse the Current Level/line only to be reduced to bring the

52. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F = Uncollapse the Current Level

53. Alt-0 = Fold All / line with the position taken previously.

54. F5 = Launch Run Dialog / lunch dialogue with the hope

55. Alt-F1 = Get PHP help / PHP Help your website

56. Alt-F2 = Google search / Google search will open

57. Alt-F3 = Wikipedia search / Wikipedia search will be open

58. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R = Open in Chrome/file browser in order to be open

59. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-X = Open in Firefox / file is open in the Firefox browser

60. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I = Open in IE/file browser Internet Explorer will open

61. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F = Open in Safari / Safari browser, open the file to be

62. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O = Send via Outlook / Outlook with the file will be plenty of sand

FAQ On Notepad++ Shortcut Keys

Q1: Why To Use These Shortcut keys Of Keyboard?

Ans: Shortcut keys always help you to complete your daily tasks on time and make you perfect and fast in any computer work that means you can save a lot of your time, complete work on time, improve your performance with these notepad shortcut keys.

Q2: List Of Shortcut Keys For Windows Operating System?

Ans: 1: Ctrl+Z= Undo

2: Alt+F4= Close Apps

3: Win+Tab= Open The New View

4: Alt+Tab= Switch Apps

5: Ctrl+Esc= Open The Start Menu

Q3: What Is Ctrl+F?

Ans: When you need to find a particular keyword or word in notepad plus or from the web you can use these keys to locate them quickly, which is also known as command-f.

Final Words

We have listed some essential shortcut keys for notepad tool that will help you to complete your task quickly and efficiently there are many other keyboard shortcuts which are not mentioned here but we will also add them in our next topic.

If this information is helpful for you then also share with your friends who are looking at this type of information related to the secret keys of a keyboard.

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