Best Books For SSC CGL Preparation In 2021

Are you looking for the best books for the SSC CGL exam? Many students give this exam every year and this post will help you choose the right books for your SSC CGL exam. Let’s get started

The SSC CGL exams are hard for some students and if you do not study hard you cannot pass the exam so you must have the right guidance and tips to do smart study.

Best Books For SSC CGL Preparation in 2021

Learning and preparing from the books can help you get higher marks in exams and expert teachers recommend these books and you must prepare from these books if you want to gain more knowledge and want to get good marks in your next exam.

These books are also helpful for other government exams such as those related to the banking sector, Police jobs and all central jobs that you can prepare for the exam.

Here is the list of these books that will boost your knowledge and skills for getting higher marks in the upcoming SSC cgl exam and you can also get advice from your teachers to choose the right books.

Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

This book is written by R.S Agarwal,, an expert in reasoning subject and this book has already gained popularity among the students and you can check its review on the Amazon platform.

In this book, you will learn the tips and methods to improve your verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills which will boost your knowledge and improve your score.

Analytical Reasoning By M.K Pandey

When you go with reasoning problems you will see many difficult and unanswered questions that you can’t solve but this book will clarify your doubts.

M.K Pandey provided great knowledge about reasoning subject, and this book will totally sharp your brain and get you the maximum results so you can go with this book for reasoning practice.

SSC Mathematics By Rakesh Yadav

Mathematics subject can be hard for you to solve math problems but with this book, you can solve many hard and tricky questions that Rakesh Yadav mentioned in this book.

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This book is perfect for preparing SSC CGL exam and you can also cover the previous model test papers given in this book and this book is available on amazon.

Quicker Maths By M Tyra

Quicker maths book has the complete guide on math problems and tips and methods to solve them easily and if you go with this book you can buy it from amazon.

Having the right guide and methods can improve your marks in the exam and if you know how to solve them easily you can save a lot of your time during the exam.

General Knowledge By Dr Binay Karna

General knowledge study is not hard as some students think, but you should go with this book if you have not studied it.

This book is available on the Amazon platform and if you want to get it in pdf form, you can download it on the kindle store.

Manorma Yearbook

This book is also helpful to get the latest trendy questions for general knowledge and if you wish to go with this book, this book is a perfect fit for you.

In this book, you will get the knowledge about history, science, latest general knowledge questions that you will see in your exams apart from that you can also get this book in pdf form from amazon kindle.

Now we will see the best books recommended for you by experts to pass the SSC CGL exam in the first attempt and these books come with a full package of all subjects.

  • SSC CGl Statics By J.K Chopra
  • SSC CGL Practice Book By Kiran
  • SSC Economics By Arun Arora
  • NCERT Books On Economics
  • Objective General English
  • A Mirror Of Common Error

These are the recommended books that you can buy for more practice and if you want to buy them online in pdf form, you can also do that on amazon kindle.

Importance Of SSC CGL Books

  1. You can prepare and get tips to improve your knowledge and those methods will save you a lot of time.
  2. SSC CGL books are helpful to know the exam pattern and you will also get many tricks to solve questions fast.
  3. SSC CGL is hard to pass because of reasoning, English, mathematics so you must have a proper guide to clear the exam so these books will help you a lot.

Final Summary

These are the best books to improve your study knowledge and you can improve your score in the SSC CGL exam apart from that you can also get tips and methods from us just comment below we will reply to your messages.

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