5 Best Science Fiction Books That You Must Read- Amazing Collection

Do you love to read sci-fi stories? Do you love to read, watch science fiction movies? Well, this topic will help you to choose the right books of science fictions that you will love and will never regret after reading these books.

Many readers love to read science fiction books because of interesting facts, stories that we never see in any comic book, novel, and movies. People now show more interest in science, technology, and space stuff; people love to read sci-fi books.

Here is the list of best science fiction books that you must read once in your life and these books are available on the Amazon platform,  bookshops website where you can buy, rent them at cheap rates.

The Lord Of Rings By JRR Tolkien

This science-fiction book is one of the most interesting books that you will love. In this story, Frodo the hobbit and his friends try to history the ring of a lord. You will learn the epic journey and sci-fi stuff in this book that will open your goosebumps.

The lord of the rings stands out and set the time with Frodo the hobbit but in the end, everything became at the normal stage even the centre of the earth.

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This book will not let you bore if you have spare time to invest you must read this book which is available on Amazon and bookshops website at a good price.

Foundation, by Isaac Asimov (1951)

Asimov was the great writer who wrote the foundation series and this book will entertain you with the story of sci-fi and if you have spare time then you can read the foundation series in which the author offered the most unique and interesting story of technology.

The tech giant Elon Musk recommended this book because of foundation series has the latest technology that the author mentioned in this book with a story.

This book is available on Amazon and bookshops website where you can get it under 10$ and you will really love this book.

The Stars My Destination, By Alfred Bester (1957)

One of my favourite books tells how the author’s character stayed in space for more than 6 months alone and kept things right without thinking negative. It is a fascinating novel that will entertain you more than anything.

For passing spare time, this book will be the best approach for you and if you are a lover of space things you will surely love this book. This book is available on Amazon and bookshops website.

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, By Robert Heinlein (1966)

There is nothing without space and orbit stuff around our solar system and this book represent the space stuff, the orbit system that you will love to read.

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Elon Musk also recommends this book and the author gave the most interesting story about how his character stayed in space and put his first step on the moon.

Jurassic Park, By Michael Crichton (1990)

The second book that I love and read many times watched the movie more than 100 times. When it comes to sci-fi novel, then we can’t forget this book to mention here.

This book is not totally related to science fiction but if you read the whole novel, you will understand the real power of engineering systems that the author tried to mention in this book.

Jurassic park one of the most-watched movie all around the world and when you will see the movie you will love it still many readers love to read the novel and this book is the perfect piece for you if you love to read sci-fi and adventure stories. 

FaQ On Best Sci-Fi Books To Read In 2021

Q1: Are These Books Available In Audio Format In 2021?

Ans: Yes, you can get these books in audio format on the audible platform and you can also watch movies on these books.

Q2: Should I Read These Books For Life Learning Lessons?

Ans: Yes, these books are perfect not only to read the sci-fi books but you will also get the lesson for your life to stay motivated, problem-solving skills, freshness content that will never get you bore.

Q3: Where To Buy Sci-Fi Books Online At Cheap Rates?

Ans: You can buy these books from the amazon platform for under 10$ but some books price will be high due to their uniqueness and fame. Find as per your requirement and interest.

Final Summary

Every successful businessman recommended investing in yourself once in life and if you also want to become a successful soul then you must buy these books and learn something new even if it is not related to your field.

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