Best Story Books For Kids In 2021- Short Story Books, Life Lessons Books

There are many books available to read but do you want to know the best storybooks for kids? Do you love to read short story books or life lessons books that will fil inspiration energy in your children mind? No worry, in this guide we will tell you best all the time books for kids that will improve their knowledge and also help to build their mind-set.

Best Story Books For Kids In 2021

These books are fascinating and your kids will love these books because of the stories; these stories are wonderful and give life lessons to kids.

Now, let’s move to these books that your kids will love to read and when they read these books, they will stop wasting their time watching g TVs, movies, cartoons, etc.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It is the all-time picture book that your children’s will love to read with pictures, and there are some short stories in this book for kids reading and this book is available on the Amazon platform.

Eric Carle writes the very hungry caterpillar book and this book will be best for little hands, teaching counting, days names and etc and this book will come at a low price.

Where The Wild Things Are

This storybook comes with comic style and gives real-life lessons to kids and book was first published in 1973 by Harper & Row; this book has won many awards because of its knowledge and uniqueness.

The book’s wild things are perfect for kids to learn a life lesson and the book story is fascinating and the author tried to put many lessons in this story.

Book is available on the Amazon platform and kindle store for under 5 to 10$.

Charlotte’s Web

“E.B White and Garth Williams wrote Charlotte’s Web book and this is one of the most trendy books for kids because of the given stories in this book.

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Charlotte told her feelings to the little pig named Wilbur and saved his life, everything mentioned in fascinating scenes and this makes it the best storybook for kids to read.

This book is available on amazon and kindle store for under 10$.

The Cat In The Hat

The cat in the hat is a fascinating and funny story that kids love to read and this book is written by an American author named Dr Seuss and if we talk about the story of this book, then there is a boy who had a cat wears a red hat and entertains the boy and his sister.

It’s an interesting story with some pictures and children’s will love to read these types of stories so you can buy this short book from amazon or in pdf form from the kindle store.

Goodnight Moon

The goodnight moon is another kids storybook that was first published in 1947 and won many awards still, it is one of the favourite books for kids and children’s loves to read this book.

This book is best to read during bedtime and have perfect scenes with life lessons that kids will easily understand so it’s good to go with this book which is available on amazon and kindle store.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone J. K. Rowling

It is a fantasy novel written by J.K Rowling and this book can be a perfect fit for your kids because of the short stories that are given in this book and if we talk about the book, the harry named boy discovered a medical heritage in his eleventh birthday.

It’s a fascinating story and your kids will surely love this book and also learn many life lessons so it’s good to go with this book. This book is available on amazon and kindle store in pdf form as well.

The Snowy Day

The snowy day is another kids storybook and gives the fresh feeling of falling snows every morning. In this book, a boy loves to watch falling snows in the morning and plays with friends.

It’s a good story and kids will learn a life lesson after reading the book and is also an entertaining story and this book is available on amazon and kindle store for under 10 dollars. 

Final Words

These are the best storybooks for kids and these books also teach life lessons and entertaining stories to help them learn many life problems, solve them and give value to other things.

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