Best Tips To Increase Email Subscribers And Drive Traffic To Blog

Email / Feedburner / RSS subscriber plays an important role in driving traffic to your blog and these visitors are generally called returning visitors and you should have knowledge to optimize a wordpress blog.

They are loyal visitors of your blog and reach to your blog on a regular basis that’s why BuySellAd accept those blogs into its program with a higher number of the email subscriber. 

Besides it, great readership shows about your blog’s popularity, which attracts tons of advertisers towards your blog. So let me introduce some proven tips to increase your subscriber rate.

Be Original and Unique In Content

This is the most important point that provides a solid reason for readers to subscribe to your blog. No trick and method work for you if you don’t have such articles that provide a good reason for readers to visit your blog again. 

So always write the blog posts that are unique, informative, and properly optimized with at least 1200 words, but it is highly beneficial to write a blog post above 1000 words that liked by search engines.

Never to worry much about SEO because it is only your readers who are reading your content and engaging with a relationship with you, so give first preference to your readers and maintain your blog according to your audience’s taste and give second preference to SEO

Some SEO tactics like keyword stuffing, improper use of heading tags makes the article unreadable to users and become usable only for search engines.

Ensure the following points after completion of the article-

  1. Attach images wherever necessary to clarify instantly about the article. 
  2. Write a blog post in a short paragraph. 
  3. Blog Post Title should be attractive. 
  4. Include videos in articles. 
  5. Pick up a new and effective writing style. 
  6. Make a habit to use <b> (Bold Tag ), <li> ( List Tag), <table> (Table Tag) and <abbr> (Abbreviation Tag).

Placement Of Subscription Widget

Widget placement should be so chosen that it gets instant attention from readers. The best position is in the top sidebar, or sometimes you could place this widget in the bottom part of the post. 

Its color should be dark enough in comparison to the actual blog theme. Look out for some ABT subscription widget.

Complete Subscription Process

This is annoying because more than half of the readers haven’t fully completed the subscription process. Let me explain briefly when any reader types his/her email address in the subscription text box, he/she will receive a verification email in their inbox, which they have to verify to become your blog subscriber. 

Most people just ignored this email and they left to become your subscriber. You can tell them manually to verify the email address for this.

  1. Go to the Feedburner dashboard and click on your blog title. 
  2. Under the Analysis option, choose Subscribers.
  3. Scroll down the page and click Feedburner Email Subscriptions and choose to Manage Your Subscriber List
  4. You will see a list contain your subscribers’ email now note down all those emails which have an incomplete verification process. Prepare a polite message about completing the verification process and send it to all unverified subscribers. I know that it is a time-consuming process, but you would get an instant change in your subscriber list.

Drive Organic Traffic

The traffic reaches to blog through search engines is called Organic traffic or generally called new visitors. They are always interested in following your blog if they find some great works on your blog. 

So how to attract organic visitors? The answer to this question is behind SEO, you have to apply some sort of white hat SEO techniques that are liked by search engines, but these techniques should not disturb your sentence formation.

Balance Relevancy

Most of the new bloggers never make their blog relevance and they scrap content with low-value content that user does not like to read and I saw most bloggers write a catchy title and when we read their content that is unvaluable and lower-level content with basic information that user already know about. 

So if you want to optimize your WordPress blog or drive more traffic with subscribers, you should always think about your users without driving low-quality traffic. 

 Make a Professional Email Campaign 

Do you have 5 thousand emails but not getting clicks with emails that you send to your visitors? There can be very few things that you have to find out, but the main important thing that you are missing can be boring email content that you are sending to your email subscriber.

tips to increase email subscription
tips to increase email subscription

It is a common mistake that most newbies make with email campaigns, but if you want to build good user engagement, then you need to look at your email content and make it more professional than before.

Put Your Visitor’s Shoes

This section is also common with relevancy, which means you should have to think about your visitors if you want to gain more attraction and user engagement that will solve your low bounce rate problems.

The higher bounce rate shows that you are not providing the real value to your readers or are not an expert in that field; otherwise, you can easily engage with them if you have enough knowledge about your field.

Benefits Of Email Subscription

  1. You can drive lots of high-quality traffic within 1 minute.
  2. Best for selling your products via emails.
  3. Emails are evergreen, that means you can easily convert users into a buyer with the short and unique information of your product.
  4. Your website looks more professional with an email subscription than before, and people will start reading your content.
  5. You can directly promote products via email and give them the right information and help them with problems as well as you can give them information about your services without using expensive ads campaigns. 
  6. Email subscription is good for you at the first level of the blogger field to drive a good number of visitors to your small website or blog. 
  7. Email Subscriptions will not only help you to drive traffic to your blog but also help to look professional. 
  8. Email campaigns can convert 80% of sales to organic traffic and give you a huge profit; if you have not seen affiliate commission on the internet, research it. 

FAQ On Email Subscriber Tips To Drive Traffic

Q1: How To Convert Subscriber In To Customers?

Ans: Converting visitors into a customer can be easy for you only if you have the complete knowledge about your product and providing the high-end value to your visitor and the other thing is, you should have a social media profile to build your trust with people and giving them a professional look of your skills. 

Q2: Is Email Subsciber Are Good For Promoting Products?

Ans: Maybe or maybe not, promoting products are depending on your approach and how many visitors you want to show and want to sell your product, but if you are doing affiliate marketing, then email subscribers are best to target and promote products.

Final Words

The email system is best for your blog if you want to drive traffic to your blog and going to promote products for the affiliate program and we tried to put all information to attract your visitors for an email subscription.

If you think this information is helpful, then share it with your friends who want to build and improve their email subscription system in the blog.

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