A Complete Guide On How To Become A Tehsildar In India

Do you want to become a tehsildar? Do you want to know the process of becoming a naib tehsildar after graduation? Well, in this guide we will tell you a step-by-step guide to become a tehsildar after graduation and what is the requirement for being a naib tehsildar? What is the age requirement for tehsildar? What is the salary of a tehsildar? Let’s get started,

What Is A Tehsildar

The Deputy administrative tehsildar job is related to the revenue department where you will handle other properties and this is an excellent job if you want to get a government job after graduation of Bachelor of Arts.

Being a tehsildar is very hard because it is a very hard job and only a few people perform well in this field, which is why only a few students join the revenue department.

But on the other hand, it’s a government job and you will get the maximum benefits of joining the government sector apart from that let’s move to our step-by-step guide about how to become a tehsildar.

Complete 12th Class

First of all you will need to complete your 12th class in any stream and there is no requirement to pass 12th class in any specific stream you can do 12th class in any stream and go for tehsildar job still you must have 60% passing marks in 12th class.

Do Graduation

When you complete your 12th class, you need to get admission to the graduation program and you can choose any graduation course. As we said earlier you just have a graduation certificate in order to apply for the naib tehsildar position.

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In your graduate program, you must have 55% marks and you need to clear the exam for getting a job in the revenue department in India. 

Apply For SPSC Exam

State Public Service Commission conducts the exam for tehsildar position state-wise. You have to clear this team if you want to get the job in the revenue sector apart from that. Here is some more information about this exam and the qualification requirements to apply for the SPSC exam. 

 Requirements To Apply For SPSC Exam

  • Candidate Must Have Graduation In Order To Apply For This Exam
  • There Should Not Be Any Tatto/Marks On Body
  • Candidate Must Be The Citizen Of India
  • Candidate Age Should Be 21 To 32 Years (Reserved For ST/SC categories)

These are the requirements that you have to pass in order to apply for the SPSC exam for tehsildar apart from that there are many other things that we will discuss here such as exam pattern and salary, the future scope of tehsildar position.

Process Of SPSC Exam For Tehsildar

Screen Test: When you will apply for spsc exam you will need to give the first screen test in which you will be asked some history questions, mathematics questions, and much more related to economy, general knowledge.

Main Exams: In your main exam you will be asked to clear the central review test and during the exam, you will have to provide the correct answers for passing the second process. Still, you need to do very hard work if you want to be a tehsildar in your state.

Interview Test: In your interview test you will be asked some common and personal questions that mean you have already won the match and you have cleared 80% exam of tehsildar.

Now the question is how to prepare for the tehsildar exam and which books are good for preparing the spsc exam apart. We have listed some books that will help you understand the basic level of exam pattern and you can easily focus on your exam.

How To Prepare For SPSC Exam For Tehsildar

For preparing for the spsc exam you can read books online or you can also join the classes for preparing for the spsc exam because this exam is not easy for some students and have to do hard work for passing the exam.

Being a tehsildar is not that easy and without passing with minimum marks in the SPSC exam and after passing the exam you will have to give the interview test first and if you clear your interview test you will become a tehsildar.

  1. Do 12th Class And Get Higher Marks 
  2. Complete Graduation 
  3. Apply For SPSC Exam 
  4. Pass The Three Exams
  5. Become A Tehsildar

Final Words

Becoming a tehsildar is good for the future. You will get a good salary along with other perks still. If you have any question or confusion, you can ask us via the comment section we will help you provide more information about this topic. 

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