What Is Acid Reflux And Symptoms

What is Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is related to stomach in which contents of the stomach containing acids are travel back into the throat and oesophagus. Burning or pain in the throat, heartburn, bitter taste at the back of the throat, chronic cough, difficulty swallowing, and creakiness caused by damaging the larynx are the effects and symptoms found in those suffering from the acid reflux.

Some of the acid reflux symptoms are given below:

  • Heartburn: This is a procedure where the burning feeling comes from the stomach and lower chest towards the neck.
  • Regurgitation: In this food comes back again in the mouth.
  • Chest pain.
  • Dysphagia: Difficulty occurs at the time of swallowing.
  • Dental erosion, hoarseness, and asthma

Causes of Acid Reflux

Some people experience this problem regularly and this condition is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or the GERD.

  • Enzymes and stomach acid partially digest the food in the stomach. These are the chemicals responsible for breaking down the food which is useful for the body.
  • For more digestion, the acidic contents that are partially digested are delivered to the small intestine using the stomach muscles.
  • In the people suffering from acid reflux, acid contents of the stomach travel back into the oesophagus. This causes damage and inflammation.
  • Factors responsible for causing the reflux are cigarettes, fatty foods, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, pregnancy, obesity, and delayed stomach emptying.
  • Pressure within the body trunk that is abdomen increases because of pregnancy and obesity. In some of the patients, contents within the intestines get empty slowly.
  • When the patient put down then the stomach full of acid and food prone to the reflux.

Acid Reflux Symptoms

Acid reflux is a condition related to medical and heartburn and is a possible symptom of this medical condition. Many people have many different causes of heartburn but heartburn symptoms are the same in all the people.

A burning sensation in the chest

This normally starts just after eating and lasts from some minutes to some hours.

A burning feeling in the throat

This is a burning sensation generally high in the neck even though it may initiate in lower. With the swollen, this pain gets worsen. This results from the irritation when contents of the stomach have been refluxed in the throat.

Sour or bitter taste in the mouth

When the contents of the stomach reflux into the esophagus, bitter or sour test can occur, which is reached at the back of the throat, when content enters the back of the throat, the person often feels bitter or sour test in the mouth.

Difficulty swallowing

When food doesn’t pass from mouth to the stomach through the esophagus, then difficulty with swallowing occurs. This may result in food sticking in the throat, burning after eating, feel as like chocking or chest pressure.

Difficulty swallowing is a sign of many conditions such as oesophagal cancer, erosive esophagitis, etc and always evaluated with physician help.

Chronic coughing

Near about 41 per cent people who do not smoke also suffering from GERD and causes chronic cough. Suppose refluxed stomach acid gets aspirated which then causes coughing.

Diagnosis of Acid Reflux

The simple way of diagnosing acid reflux or GERD is by identifying the acid reflux symptoms that are heartburn. In heartburn, burning occurs under the middle of the chest just after taking a meal, and when lying down, this condition worsens.

For confirming the diagnosis, a physician prescribes some medications for suppressing the production of acid by the stomach. Diagnosis of GRED is based on the symptoms’ response to the treatment, which is commonly known as a therapeutic trial.

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At the primary stage, this approach is problematic because at this stage the diagnostic stage is not considered. The situation in which this irritates the GERD if the doctor assumes that problem is with GERD then patient have to search the causes of the ulcer disease. For example, Helicobacter pylori which are one of the types of infection or anti-inflammatory drugs cause the ulcer and these are treated in different ways then treatment of GERD.

Treatment for Acid Reflux

The simplest way to treat acid reflux symptoms is to stop the production of acid in the stomach. Acid irritation in most of the cases causes the symptoms.

For blocking acid production, several medications are used. Using acid suppression therapy, many people get a cure. Doctors give treatment to the acid reflux patients near about two months before performing other treatments.

Lifestyle Changes and Medication

In the case of mild heartburn, the doctor prescribes the medications or suggests over the counter that blocks the production of acid in the stomach and changes the lifestyle.

Eighty to ninety per cent of GERD patients improve after taking the treatment of medication and this treatment gives partial or temporary relief from acid reflux symptoms. Some of the times GRED causes complications such as esophageal ulcer, Barrett’s esophagus and strictures.


For the GERD, anti-reflux surgery is an alternative for the medications. This procedure wraps the stomach part around the lower esophagus, preventing the reflux keeps the stomach position and lower esophagus in the abdomen.

Minimally Invasive Techniques

For treating the acid reflux, Mayo Clinic suggests many end therapies. Physicians of Mayo Clinic are famous for gastrointestinal endoscopic expertise.

Endoscopic treatment is optional for those patients who are not able for the surgery or those who do not want lifelong medications or the surgery.

Mechanical Therapy

In the Endocinch procedure, sewing capsule is used which are attached to the endoscope to sew the junction between stomach and esophagus, narrowing the opening for preventing the acid reflux.

In this case, suture-based implants are placed near the junction between the stomach and esophagus, which helps restore the anti-reflux barrier.

In Stretta procedure, this destroys the LES cells and creates the scar tissues and keeps the LES from opening that prevents the acid reflux.

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