What Is BSc Nursing- Admission Process, Salary And Jobs In 2021

What is BSc Nursing? In this article, we will learn all about the BSc nursing course and the requirements, admission process, salary, and jobs after BSc nursing in India and the benefits of doing the BSc nursing course?

BSc nursing course is for those students who want to build a future in the medical industry and want to become a professional nurse apart from that there are many options for BSc nursing course holders after this study program that they can do for post-graduation.

What Is BSc Nursing

BSc nursing course is related to medical line and when a student complete the BSc nursing course he or she works as a nurse in the hospital and perform day to day tasks with doctors apart from that the BSc nursing course is 3 years program and while studying, students learn many theoretical and practical study projects in college.

The BSc nursing course is an advanced level course. Only a serious and intelligent student can pass this course apart from having a doctorate mindset and skills are most important to perform in this industry, and many students drop BSc nursing due to a lack of interest.

SO it’s up to you which course you should take admission and still many students found that BSc nursing is one of the best options for building a future in the medical industry and can easily get a job in this field as a nurse.

BSc Nursing Course Eligibility

  • Students must have done 121st class in the biology stream and have 60% marks in it
  • Student age should not be less than 16 years
  • Students have to pass the entrance exam if needed

How To Get Admission In BSc Nursing

For getting admission to the BSc nursing course students must have to pass the 12th class in the medical stream and here are the steps to join the BSc nursing course in India.

Complete 12th Class

First of all, if any student wants to get admission in BSc nursing course or want to become a nurse he or she should have 12th class with minimum passing marks 60% in biology subject apart from that student age should not be less than 18 years for getting admission in BSc nursing.

Give Entrance Exam

For getting admission in the BSc nursing course, some colleges conduct an entrance exam for the BSc nursing course, and some colleges can give you direct admission.

Only government colleges conduct the entrance exam and in this exam, you will see questions from your 12th class subjects and you can easily pass the entrance exam.

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Apply For BSc Nursing

You can choose any college as per your requirement and apply for a BSc nursing course. This course duration is 3 years and while studying in this course you will learn medical subjects that will help you work with doctors.

If you go with a government college you can give an entrance exam and can pass the BSc nursing course with low fees and if you go with a private college you will have to pay higher fees.

Complete BSc Nursing Course

While studying in BSc nursing course students will learn many basic to advanced level study program for being a professional nurse and many student work in operation theaters and perform daily tasks.

Many students go with post-graduation course after BSc nursing and complete post-graduation program then they go abroad for a work permit and this steps makes them successful and easily get a job there it means there is a huge scope after being a nurse.

Benefits Of Doing BSc Nursing Course

  • Student can go abroad for a work permit or also go for higher-level study
  • Good future scope in India and students can easily get a job in a hospital
  • Students will learn many basic and advanced level skills and knowledge which makes them a perfect doctor
  • Students can also prepare for government jobs still there is huge scope in the private sectors as well
  • Nursing course is a very respected job and has good future scope for BSc nursing course holders

FaQ On What Is BSc Nursing Course

Q1: Is BSc Nursing Degree Good For Future Scope?

Ans: Yes, It is an advanced level study program so there are no words to say that it is a professional and higher-level education that brings success in life and many students already got success after BSc nursing. 

Q2: Can I Go Abroad After BSc Nursing For Work?

Ans: Yes, Students can go abroad for a work permit but first of all, you should gain some experience and then you can go for a work permit in a foreign country and build a future there.

Last Words

What is BSc nursing? What is the admission process for BSc nursing? We have mentioned all step-by-step guides about the BSc nursing course, future scope and admission process but if you still have any questions you can ask us via the comment section.

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