What Is DCA Course- Admission Process, Salary In India

Do you want to know what the DCA course is? How can you get admission in due course and what is the benefit of doing DCA course in India? If you are interested in this course we will tell you a complete guide on the DCA course and how a student can easily get admission in this course and build a future IT industry.

What Is DCA Course

A diploma in computer application is one of the best but a short-term course that students can do after 10th class and in this digital world without having computer knowledge there is no scope.

Students will learn various study subjects in DCA courses such as computer programming, HTML, MS Office, Java, Excel, computer database, operating system and you will learn much more in DCA diploma.

The DCA diploma is a six-month duration program that students can do but students can also extend or continue their study in DCA coursed after a six-month study program.

Having computer knowledge will enhance your computer skills and get many chances for a job in an office and you can also prepare for government jobs after DCA diploma.

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Now we will see how and what the requirements are to get admission in the DCA diploma and the salary package after this course.

DCA Diploma Admission Requirement And Eligibility

In order to get admission in DCA, diploma students must have an interest in computer and programming and as we know that this era is all about computer and digital things and that is why DCA diploma is very beneficial for students and building future in this field will give you extra financial safety.

  1. Student Must Have 12th Pass Certificate
  2. Student Age Should Not Be Less Than 16 Years
  3. Student Must Have Interest And Skills To Perform In Computer Field
  4. Candidate Should Be The Citizen Of India
  5. For Getting Admission In DCA Diploma, There Is No Cutoff For Students
  6. Students Can Get More Detail About DCA Diploma From College’s Website And Get Admission In Top Level Universities.

DCA Course Syllabus

DCA course is six months to one-year course that students can do and here is the list of DCA diploma syllabus that students will learn while studying in DCA diploma.

  • Computer Graphics
  • System Analysis And Design
  • Principle Of Programming
  • Project Management
  • Programming Language Database
  • Introduction To Computer
  • C++
  • Management Information System
  • Word Processing And Spreadsheet
  • Unix Operating System

These are some subjects and syllabus that you will learn and you can also get more detail on your subjects while getting admission in DCA diploma.

Top Colleges And Job Profiles After DCA

For the DCA diploma, many colleges offer DCA diplomas and you will also get a placement if you have chosen the right college apart from that here is the list of some best colleges, universities from where you can get admission in DCA and build your future in the computer field.

  1. Amity University
  2. Guru Nanak Dev University
  3. Lovely Professional University
  4. Delhi University
  5. Jadavpur University
  6. University Of Allahabad
  7. Gujrat Technological University
  8. Punjab University
  9. Chandigarh Group Of Institute
  10. University Of Calcutta

These are some top universities, colleges from where you can do a DCA diploma. Now let’s see the job profile in which you can get a job apart from that we have covered only some specific profiles and you can prepare for a job as per your interest.

  • Networking Field
  • Web Programming Development
  • Software Development
  • Computer Operator
  • Accountant
  • Web Designer
  • C++ Developer
  • Technical Writing

When you prepare any of the above profile your salary will be around 12k to 18k as per your skills and if you speak English your salary will be higher than the normal package in a private company.

What To Do After DCA Diploma

Now you must be thinking about what to do after the DCA diploma? Some students want to continue their studies and for that, they get admission in BCA, BBA diploma after just DCA diploma still you have to figure out which field will help you build future and then you can continue in that field.

  • Students Can Do BCA
  • MCA
  • Post Graduation In Computer Application
FaQ On What Is DCA Diploma

Q1: Is Doing DCA Diploma Good For Future Scope?

Ans: Yes, DCA diploma is related to computer field and as we know this is the era of computer and the digital world so this is a perfect course for those students who want to continue their study in the computer field.

Q2: Can I Do MCA After DCA Course? 

Ans: Yes, you can do the mca course after the DCA course and continue your study to get a good salary and professional profile in private or government sectors.

Final Words

We have learned what DCA is and what the process is to get admission to the DCA course if you have any confusion related to the DCA course you can ask us via the comment section we will happy to help you.

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